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June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), a day to promote HIV testing among all individuals and encourage people to take pride in knowing their HIV status. 
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​Only 56% are virally suppressed, meaning Treatment as Prevention is effective and they are 96% less likely to be infectious.  The other 44% may be infectious.

It is estimated that 12.4% of People Living with HIV in Area 2B do not actually know it.  It is a high priority to get these individuals tested and into care.

Below you will see the HIV CARE CONTINUUM for AREA 2B which covers Leon, Franklin, Liberty, Gadsden, Jefferson, Madison, Wakulla and Taylor counties in Florida.  Have questions?  Please contact us at the MAACA Peer Center.  850/ 391-9376.  You may also click on the LOCAL HIV/AIDS Stat tab on the menu in the right hand column of this page.

Here's a cool video on how HIV infection occurs


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According to the 2014 figures below (we try update the data as it becomes available from the Florida Department of Health), only 66% of all People Living With HIV/AIDS in our Area 2B (Leon, Taylor, Madison, Jefferson, Gadsden, Liberty, Wakulla and Franklin Counties) are retained in care.

Important update:

The updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy for 2020 was launched July 30, 2015 during an event an Morehouse College.

You can read the strategy on aids.gov and download some great one-page infographics that summarize what’s included in the updated version and five major changes since the original version from 2010.

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